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WHY become a backer?

Raising money to produce a movie has become more challenging than ever before. The advantages of becoming a backer besides the ROI are: special VIP status for exclusive rewards and related events and screenings, opportunity to be part of the movie-making process and suggest talent for various roles and a powerful voice to bring to the silver screen a very special film.

WHO can be a backer?

Anyone that is interested in the story and sees the ROI potential (over eighteen years of age, of course) can become a backer.

HOW do you become a backer?

Watch the video on this page, Browse the website for additional information, Contact us when you are ready through the CONTACT form on this website.

WHEN can you become a backer?

Now. Send us an email through the CONTACT form on this website.

WHAT do you get for becoming a backer?

As a backer, depending on the amount of financial support, you are entitled to your ROI and various rewards. The rewards include BluRays/DVDs, and VIP passes to related events and screenings. See the rewards list on the Backer Rewards page.

Additional questions are answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Make history!

Participate in the making of this important film!

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  • Orestes Matacena

    Niko in The Mask

    Orestes tells you what Swastika is about and why we want to produce this movie.

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  • Swastika The Movie

    Promotional Video

    This is the promotional video concept created by Orestes Matacena. Digital Special Effect Artist, Cameron White, made all the effects.

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  • Backer Certificate


    One of the many rewards offered for becoming a Backer.

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  • Backer T-Shirt


    One of the many rewards offered for becoming a Backer. See selection and . . .

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