Swastika movie poster - behind Bars

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Strong Images

We want the public to get a glimpse of what these images meant and represented to millions of people during World War II. That's why this poster was created. This design, or something similar, will be the foundation of the movie poster design offered to backers as one of the backer reward options.

How the movie poster idea came about

  • Orestes Matacena was walking in Downtown Los Angeles. As the sun was setting, he looked up and saw an awesome and powerful image of the shadows of some trees and wrought iron bars against the greyish sky. He took his iPhone, zoomed in and took a picture. Weeks passed by and suddenly he envisioned the poster for the movie Swastika and fired up his computer, opened PhotoShop and created this amazing poster. Believe it or not, the sky-tree-bars image is a color photo, but, because of the time of day the picture was taken, it looks like a black and white photo.

  • Many people don't know what the word Swastika is or means, much less what it has stood for since World War II.

  • One thing is clear: Every one of those people knows exactly what the swastika symbol represents.


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