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Thank you for your interest in helping us produce SWASTIKA.

The story of SWASTIKA centers around the Jewish Resistance in Warsaw, Poland, during the Nazi occupation, but it's about so much more. It is about so many types of relationships, friendship, loyalty, sacrifice, faith, family and love. And we are constantly provoked to think about questions like: Where does friendship begin and end? How far does loyalty go in relationships?

One tag line that fits this movie is: "Friends need each other . . . but so do enemies."

SWASTIKA is dedicated to the millions of people in addition to six million Jews, who suffered and died at the hands of the Nazis.

The Nazis were on a path to creating what they felt was a master race while turning others that were not exterminated into serfs that would serve them for eternity.

As I sit here writing at this very moment, gathering the many thoughts rushing through my mind, I find a sense of relief to finally be able to share my producer's statement. I knew I had to write about why I wanted to make the movie SWASTIKA, but I simply couldn't organize my thoughts. There were so many directions to take, and the emotional weight compounded my own personal “paralysis.”


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  • I would rather be numb than relive through pictures and accounts of the horrors. Isn't that what we all do in life? We watch the news, listen, see pictures, read articles and books, watch interviews and real-time video of horrifying events all over the world. But when we've had enough, we can turn off our radios and TVs, we can set aside our smart phones & TABLETS, and we can stop reading.

  • I have met veterans of several wars, military operations and resistance efforts in my lifetime; World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Persian Gulf, Bay of Pigs, Iraq and Afghanistan, Cuban Resistance. I have met Holocaust survivors. I have met many who escaped Communism from all over the world. My own father fought in 1948 for Israel's independence when he was only eighteen years old. Through these people, I tried to understand what fighting for freedom really means.

    I learned that even civilians fight for freedom just by making it from one day to the next, that freedom is fragile, not absolute and most certainly not permanent. The fight for freedom is like working a muscle, and if we don't exercise this muscle it will atrophy.

    Although the story of SWASTIKA is fiction FOR FILM DRAMATIC PURPOSES, it still takes place during a real series of events. While researching many of these events to create authenticity of the period, we came across many photo accounts of the war. Some photos elliciting a sense of warmth, camraderie and triumph, and some so horrifying, that after the initial shock, I disconnect, for protection, so as not to extend or invest too much emotion.

  • While we make valiant attempts to keep our fingers on the world's pulse, we have to remove ourselves even a little in order to survive and not focus on the negative. Many gurus have said 'what we focus on expands,' so keeping this in mind along with the fact that we're all connected through energy, it makes sense to stay informed while not being engulfed by an emotional abyss.

    But if we disconnect for protection, then we will not study the past. And if we dismiss the past, we cannot forge a better future. History repeats itself . . . and that statement itself is annoyingly overused. But it's true. SAD.

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Honor those great men, women and children, Jews and Gentiles, that were part of the Polish Resistance and Global Resistance against the Nazis. Thank you.

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