• Original sketch of what became the poster for the movie promo.

    How the Promo Video Idea came about

    ORESTES [Matacena] wanted a powerful image that could define what the movie SWASTIKA was all about, so he sketched his idea that you can see in the drawing (above). Then he contacted CAMERON White, who did all the digital special effects on Orestes's and Orna's latest movie "Two de Force," to create an animation using this image. The drawing depicts an American soldier's boot smashing the Nazi symbol which symbolizes American power and the defeated Nazi eagle or fall of Nazism. The poster to promote the movie came from an extracted video clip of the Cameron's animation.

  • Cameron White Astonishing Image

    CAMERON WHITE created this astonishing image that ORNA RACHOVITSKY and ORESTES MATACENA immediately fell in love with.

  • CLICK PICTURE to see the promotional video.

  • Mai tai patiently waits to give final approval

    Of course, there is always someone who gets to put in their two cents before you make any final decisions. In our case it's MAI TAI. She has very high standards! Each time the video clip was ready for review we had to show it to Mai Tai for approval. This is the way she works:

    MACHINE GUN BARKING & GROWLING: Mai Tai hates the work.
    THREE BARKS: We are on the right track.
    TWO BARKS: Mai Tai likes it, but we can do a better job.
    ONE BARK: Mai Tai loves the work, two thumbs up.
    THE FLIP OVER (shown here in the picture): I'm on my Yoga break!

  • Cameron White

    CAMERON WHITE: Great Digital Special Effects artist and wonderful actor with an eye for directing. He has it all! Perfect catch, ladies!

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