Movie Production


30-60 days after we secure the financing for SWASTIKA, we will start the Pre-production phase, which includes casting, assembling the entire crew, securing locations, set construction and a host of other tasks before starting Principal Photography.


The Production phase involves all the Principal Photography of the film. We are planning to shoot six days per week for about eight weeks. Some scenes will require a lot of Physical Special Effects, others just great acting.


It will take about four months to Edit SWASTIKA along with Digital Effects. Immediately after we lock the image, the Composer will begin to work on the Film Score. The Sound Editors bring an avalanche of Sound Design to help create a compeling story, including Foley, sound effects, etc. to enhance the experience. After all the image and sound are brought to its artistic peak, the Sound Mixers level all the sound subtleties and intensity along with the music to finalize the film's Sound Track. All the elements are mastered into their final format and prepared for their respective end-product.

The Finished Product

When SWASTIKA is completed and ready for viewing, it will be the most powerful tool to sell and reach the viewing audience. Distributors will see a finish product with all the bells and whistles. At this moment they will have all the tools to make an amazing deal throughout the world so audiences can enjoy a night at the movies.

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Team Members

  • Orna Rachovitsky

    Producer - Actress - Filmmaker

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  • Orestes Matacena

    Producer - Writer - Director

    Orestes is delighted to tell you the reason why he wrote the screenplay and wants to make the movie he named SWASTIKA.

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