Strong Images

We want the public to get a glimpse of what these images meant and represented to millions of people during World War II. That's why this postcard was created. This design, or something similar, will be the foundation of the movie poster design offered to backers as one of the backer reward options. Click here to view the poster.


Engage an audience

  • Our generation is bombarded with so many images that we become desensitized. It takes strong images like the one we use in the Swastika poster and the poscard you see above to get attention and engage an audience. We want people, especially our youth, to be excited about seeing this type of movie so they can learn about and remember this period in history.


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Keep the Candle Lit

  • The key is to keep the candle lit. We hope that people really understand how the Nazi regime rose to power. We experience, even today, the residual effects of their actions towards world domination by their systematic and methodical stripping of people's identities and freedoms. This is the ultimate in destruction and evil. This is why it is important to engage an audience and keep the candle lit because history can and does repeat itself.


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