Swastika the Movie: Press Kit - Synopsis

SWASTIKA is about the Jewish Resistance on the streets of Warsaw, Poland, during the Nazi occupation.

DAVID, a young Jewish American student, lives with his Polish grandparents in Warsaw, and has a beautiful Jewish girlfriend named, IVONNA.

David is taken by surprise when he finds out that, Ivonna, is not only pregnant, but she is also very active in the Polish Resistance.

Ivonna is stunned when she finds out that David is a pickpocket and a friend of the NAZI GENERAL in command, who nicknamed him “Hollywood.”
Acts of heroism of the Polish Jewish Resistance along with gentiles take place constantly on the Warsaw streets, not only by Ivonna, who is headstrong and fearless, but also by other men and women and even twelve-year-old children.  

The Nazi General reacts by mounting a wave of brutal force against the Polish people, especially the Jews.


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  • David begs Ivonna, who by now is a very expectant mother, to stop her dangerous resistance attacks against the Nazis.

    Finally Ivonna concedes to David and quits the Resistance.  But Ivonna lies and again resumes her resistance spree.  This time the numerous violent acts perpetrated by Ivonna are the last straw for the Nazi General, spurring him into a bloody rampage in search of her.

    David, who is caught in a web of espionage and the Nazi World, is faced with a crucial decision that changes his life.  In one moment he challenges everything he stands for regarding love, friendship, loyalty, family and sacrifice.

    Throughout this heroic Jewish Resistance story the audience will comprehend the magnitude of the horrific things the Nazis did to humanity.

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